PM Khan unveils PKR 1 trillion Balochistan development package

PM Khan unveils PKR 1 trillion Balochistan development package

n his visit to Lasbela, Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled a development budget of PKR 1 trillion, which is a historic development package. He also said that the incumbent government is planning to tap natural resources of the province for the prosperity of local people. PM Khan also inaugurated Ship Lift and Transfer System at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works. During his visit, PM Khan also inaugurated plantation drives in Sonmiani beach, to increase forest cover. The development package also aims to expand Pakistan’s tourism from Lasbela to Gwadar.


 LASBELA (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that improving the quality of life of public is government’s top priority.

Inaugurating tree-plantation at Sonmiani beach in Lesbaila on Tuesday, he said the government has taken numerous steps for the development of Balochistan as it is linked with the progress of Pakistan.


Imran Khan said that around Rs 1 trillion have been allocated for the development of Balochistan, which is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan.


The prime minister said that the government is devising a plan to tap natural resources of the province that could be utilized for the prosperity of the local people.


He regretted that the previous governments paid a deaf ear to the development of Balochistan. He said steps will be taken to promote tourism along the coastal line from Lesbaila to Gwadar.


He urged the locals to overwhelmingly support government s a forestation efforts and to protect the existing tree cover of the country so that adverse impacts of the climate change can be averted.


PM Imran said that there are vast opportunities for entertainment in Lasbela, adding that the government will promote tourism from Lasbela to Gwadar.


The premier citing reason for making the country an attractive destination for the Muslims, said due to Islamophobia across the globe, the Muslims were reluctant to go to the Western or European countries along with their families for tourism.


He further said that government planned to develop the beach tourism and would seek scientific suggestions from the quality consultants in this regard.


The prime minster said he was mesmerized with the beauty of the area. Allah Almighty had blessed the country with precious resources; he said and regretted that in the past, the people did not do justice with these natural gifts.


The prime minister underlined the need of valuing these gifts with proper development and planning.

He said once, these areas were developed into tourism spots, they would help change lives of the local people, create jobs with better education and health facilities.


The prime minister said the world was experiencing severe climatic impacts in forms of flooding and forest fires, affecting different parts of the globe.


He said Pakistan had already been taking lead in the global efforts to reverse climatic change impacts.


A recent report of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), comprising a group of scientists, maintained that human activities was changing the temperature of the world in an unprecedented way, the prime minister said, warning that the rise in temperature would make the globe uninhabitable planet if immediate measures were not taken by the world community.


The prime minister noted that Balochistan province lacked behind in terms of progress and development due to lack of interest by the former federal governments.


The previous rulers preferred to reside in London without taking pains to visit these neglected areas. The Baloch leaders also did not pay attention to the province, he added.


Earlier today, the prime minister had inaugurated Ship Lift and Transfer System at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works.


Addressing the event, he said Pakistan has been progressing in adoption of modern technologies in different fields.


Imran Khan said technological advancement was not pursued in the past and we failed to exploit our real potential in every field.


He said Pakistan has gradually been heading towards prosperity as the government has steered the economy to the right direction with effective and durable policies.


The premier said these policies are leading to increasing remittances. He said steps are also being taken to curb money- laundering.


He said the government has been making efforts to build the country on the principles of Riyasat-e-Madina, which teach us to stand our own foot. He said reliance on foreign support damaged the country.


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Wednesday 11 August 2021
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