Gwadar Port

Port of Gwadar

CPEC will be a game changer for Pakistan once it is functional. China Pakistan economic corridor worth of 55bn $ comprising on connectivity, communication, development and industrial upheaval.Connectivity between Chinese western half kashgar with port city of Gawadar with total distance of 3000 km. As china is the largest importer of oil and gas from middle East and CARs, once CPEC is functional the distance of 12000 km is reduced to 3000 km and further overcoming the hindrance for Chinese ships while passing through Malacca strait.

Pakistan which is ergonomically a washy and needs the world attention for foreign investment so CPEC will be the cause of Foreign direct investment in the country.

At this moment of potential of CPEC, Khan’s government have consider solving the issue of Gwadar with China. The deep sea port in Gwadar has been referred to as the “gateway city” to CPEC and as a “gateway to Asia. Although on the surface China’s ambitions to develop a bustling waterway on the Arabian Sea appear clear, China also seeks to a plant a seed there that foments long-term influence and ownership. Gaining control of Gwadar affords China an opportunity to connect its land-based transport routes through Islamabad all the way to western China, as well as to construct a crude oil pipeline spanning that corridor. Port control in Gwadar also aids China in stringing together maritime ports, “pearls,” along the Indian Ocean back to Hainan. Still, while access to Pakistan’s port is enticing for connecting its global supply chains, port development alone does not directly provide China with a new commercial hub.

The port will be connected not only to all major cities of Pakistan via road but also to the cities of China. After the completion of Gwadar Port project, it is supposed to provide far more business opportunities than cities like NY, Mumbai, Dubai or Bangkok.