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GlobBiz Avenue is a mega project of Gwadar Builders & Associates, which is a fellow organization of GBA group. GlobBiz Avenue is a Gwadar's most premium housing project, ideally located adjacent to 'Central Business District' offers 125 sq.yd to 500 sq. yd residential & commercial plots.GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar (approved by GDA) is especially designed to meet the increasing residential and commercial property requirements in the port city of Gwadar. We treat a plot as not just another plot. We understand, it is a life time saving. Future of the whole family depends on it. This is why, we have designed the project in a way that it can meet expectations and needs of our investors, who want to benefit from soaring economy of future megalopolis Gwadar.

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High-rise Commercialized Area Zone


Dual Facing Balochistan Broadway


NOC Allotted


Near Balochistan Secretariat


Near Sports Complex


On Marine Drive


A Dream Land To Live


Adjacent to CBD


GDA Approved

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Pakistan has all the characteristics to become one of the most powerful economies in the world. In the past 10 years, Pakistan’s growth has outperformed its neighbours and most global markets. Gwadar is exceptionally important to CPEC since it is a strategic port at the tip of the South Asian sea networking countries with vital trade. Sea trade brings wealth in the region which is why real estate investment is booming right now. Learn more about Pakistan's progress in CPEC and buy Gwadar plots with Globbiz Avenue. Rumormill has the latest Gwadar news as Gwadar is rising towards new heights and development works are underway in first phase of Gwadar Master Plan. In October 2020, development status of Gwadar is satisfactory and government is showing promise to achieve development goals defined by Master Plan’s first Phase. The Emerging Port City of Gwadar with its strategic locality is the main cause behind the setup of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar is dubbed as Future Economic and Business hub of Pakistan and by this aspect it’s the most lucrative destination for investments as well, however we need to be realistic while expecting it to be developed in short time.

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Importance of CPEC


CPEC was intended to make short trade routes from the middle-east to European and African companies by thousands of miles to lesser miles and from 45 days’ time period to 7, 8 days through road route. China Pakistan economic corridor is a compilation of infrastructure projects that are currently in construction all over the Pakistan. It was originally signed at $46billion and now it has worth of $62billion. It is aimed to make the country’s infrastructure modernize by boosting its economy with help of different energy plants, road infrastructures and special economic zone. CPEC was officially launched in 2015 and became partly operational in 2016, while most of the energy projects were started in later 2017. Apart from its future fantasies it has started enhancing the economy of the country and already has helped Pakistan conquer its competition globally. The strategy of CPEC is to connect china to the European, middle-east and South African companies which will increase the trading and economy of China and Pakistan both, meanwhile the china’s economy growth rate is 9.5% yearly. Working on BRI, china’s initiative is to increase connectivity within the region and Pakistan will get benefit from Belt and road initiative because of Gwadar port located in province Balochistan.

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