About GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar

GlobBiz Avenue is a mega project of Gwadar Builders & Associates, which is a fellow organization of GBA group.GBA is a Pakistan based multinational group consisted on highly prestigious and world fame companies, which holds strong footings in the domain of business and industry and has earned a prestigious and respectable position not only in the also at international level.GBA is always keen to locate new horizons and innovative means to cater its clients with the best in the arenas.

Gwadar Builders & Associates, a sister organization of GBA and builders of GlobBiz Avenue, consisted on a team of highly skilled professionals in fields of town planning, architecture, construction engineering and horticulture, working with close collaboration to achieve the state-of-the-art perfection in all the aspects of town planning. Gwadar Builders & Associates has always done their best to make sure that their clients should have a gainful return of their money invested. It is an open proof of its devotion to work and loyalty to its customers that GlobBiz Avenue has become a symbol of success and achievements in a very short time and being considered as an icon for the development of residential and commercial area of Gwadar City.

Gwadar Builders & Associates has taken special considerations for the developments of sea-breeze area of GlobBiz Avenue, which already possesses unrivaled natural beauty, and using its architectural and imaginative genius and state-of-the-art technology Gwadar Builders & Associates has erected elegant and captivating Beach Resorts that will attract the beach lovers tourists from all over the world, and in the result sea-front of GlobBiz Avenue will turn to be a multinational cultural hub of the area, over pouring with variety of opportunities.

  • A+ location in basic Gwadar Master Plan
  • The easiest accessible location
  • Stretching over both side of BALOCHISTAN BROADWAY
  • GlobBiz Avenue epicenter of the future world trade
  • Extraordinary safe and profitable investment opportunity for all income groups
  • Highly Precious Project on Balochistan Broadway The Most Precious and High Valued Location in Gwadar Master Plan
  • In the vicinity of Provincial Secretariate, Turbat University, Central Sports & Cultural Complex and adjacent to Balochistan Employees Housing Society

Clients Testimonials

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M. Hanif Mustafavi Chief Executive/ Chairman

A very bold person having leading capabilities, Mr. Hanif has been the CEO of GlobBiz Group and Gwadar Builders & Associates Pvt Ltd since 2006. With a background of Finance he owns unique mix of strategic vision, market insight, communication skills, and consistent work-ethic ... that has driven the group to new heights year-after-year. Understanding the market place both as an investor and an owner, Mr. Hanif sees each transaction from all possible angles.Coming along-side his clients, Mr. Hanif puts every ounce of business instinct, market knowledge, strategic thinking, and negotiating skills to work to find and secure the best move for every one of them.

Tanveer Ahmed Khan Director Marketing & Business Development

With 15 plus years in marketing, client-focused service, brilliant and innovative marketing strategies and scrupulous business practices, Mr. Tanveer Ahmad propelled the company to become one of the most recognized real estate companies not only in Gwadar but ... in Pakistan. Having an intellectual personality and grip on literature Mr. Tanveer brings a multichannel response to marketing initiatives. He believes in the power of marketing as a communication piece, understands the necessity of online and offline engagement, and considers building relationships as vital.

M. Basit Mahmood Project Director

As a project director, Mr. Basit takes every challenge with an aggressive approach. With ambitious plans for the growth and expansion of the company, he is actively involved in setting and executing its strategic objectives. He is diligent in command & coordination with concerned ... authorities & departments like GDA, GBDA, GPA Local provincial & the related federal departments. Playing vital role as Secretary General in GBDA.

M. Zakir Hussain Director Corporate & Legal Affairs

A very experienced person having strong interpersonal qualities. His dedication towards timely accomplishment of tasks is the key towards his dedication regarding work. He is devoted, passionate and humble in all respects. With legal background, he owns great analytical skills and Persuasiveness.

Naveed Ahmad Siddiqui Director

Enthusiastic and initiative taking strategies regarding real estate makes Mr. Naveed and the company successful. His organizational skills, professionalism, and kindness create an office environment that is enjoyable to work in. He is delegate and collaborate with others that makes him a strong & confident leader.

Ahmed Abdus Salam Director IT

Newest member of GlobBiz family the son of ex CEO Tanveer Ahmed Qureshi Shaheed. He is an ambitious tech savvy automation engineer with a goal to optimize the world by application of his innovative ideas in process automation.Currently he is looking over the social media department but his vision for ... better future keeps him in the innovation process. His ongoing research in land survey automation and application of block chain for tempering proof registries are a symbol that he is destined to steer Globbiz Avenue to the horizons of tech industry.