Gwadar is the rising gem of a port city of Pakistan, which is in Balochistan province. Gwadar district has a rich history, but it came into light just a few years back when Pakistan inked CPEC deal with China. People started hearing about it in news and then the unexplored regions of Balochistan started to gain a lot of attention. People made plans to visit northern areas of Pakistan but now Gwadar is on top of their travel to destinations.

Let’s talk about what you need to know before traveling to Gwadar.


Gwadar an Intro:

It is located on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Gwadar is a port city that has been under Omani rule before 1958 and it was given back to Pakistan by the efforts of the seventh Prime Minister of Pakistan Feroz Khan, and his beloved wife Viqar-un-Nisa and PKR 5.5 billion was paid to Oman.

How to travel to Gwadar?

People were never excited about going to the sandy beaches in Pakistan but now they are more eager to see the mesmerizing sunsets on the Gwadar beach. Now a day’s people make trips to Gwadar, with or without tour operators who are offering economical value trips to northern areas and Gwadar too.

Let us say it out loud, a trip to Gwadar can be completely made on your own. It might be a long haul from Lahore or Punjab overall but it’s an 8-hour drive from Karachi which is nothing for people who like to travel I guess we can all agree on that. You can take travel via Hub and Makran coastal highway and will pass by three more dazzling points Hingol National Park, Kund Malir Beach, and Ormara Beach until you reach there. Traveling is now very pleasant because roads are travel-friendly all the way up to Gwadar’s Marine Drive. It's where you can find all the motels to take your load off and enjoy this beautiful city.


When to travel to Gwadar?

The best time to visit Gwadar is from the onset of winter to spring and but beware December to February is the coldest atmosphere there and the temperatures could drop as low as one to two centigrade. We recommend you travel between September to November and then in spring.

Places to visit in the vicinity.

Hingol National Park

It’s spread across 6100 square Km and located in three districts Gwadar, Lasbela, and Awaran. Declared National Park in 1988, this park is the habitat to a recorded 35 species of mammals, 65 species of reptiles, 185 species of birds, and over 250 species of plants, and numbers are not exhausted. For some, the main attraction is the statue of Princess of Hope and the Sphinx. This astonishing might of rock is naturally shaped like a Sphinx and is right above the range of Hingol National Park, making it a sight to behold and forget about the ones in Egypt.

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir is one crystal clear beach that is about 150 km from zero-point on Makran Coastal Highway. The beach sports a small restaurant nearby where you can eat and freshen up to explore some mountains, sea, and desert too. 

Ormara Beach

Situated 360 km west of Karachi and 230 km east of Gwadar on the Makran Coastal Highway, Ormara Beach is a naval base, and it looks like two crescents on each other’s back. Legend has it that the name comes from one of the generals named Ormoz who died here from the army of Alexander the Great when he conquered the Indus region and was on his way back.


The hammer-headed peninsula is home to the Old city of Gwadar with hills on both sides. The most famous one among those is Koh-e-Batil, it offers mesmerizing views from the top after you climb about 700 steps on a steep staircase carved onto the mountain. The good news is that Hashoo group’s Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel is also built on this mountaintop, just the right place for you to stay, eh?

Mud Volcanoes

It's called Baba Chandrakup, the name is strange, but it is one of the few mud volcanoes in Balochistan which are active. A mud volcano is unique because it emits cold mud rather than hot lava. An effort has to be made to hike up the volcano to see the mud oozing out of the gaping volcano.

Gwadar Port

Gwadar is the boomtown in the south and this Port city has a naval base and is becoming the main of development activities in the area. It is amazing to see the development, societies, infrastructure and the hustle-bustle is off the hook there. The port has been a hunting ground for fishermen for centuries and now it provides fishing and boating opportunities for visitors.



Since you can easily visit Gwadar on a weekend, there is not much you need to haul with you unless you’re going in the chill winter season, dress accordingly, and bring sufficient warm clothes along with you. 

Tips for making the best out of your time at Gwadar.

While you travel towards it bear in mind that you need to schedule your arrivals and departures for the sunsets and sunrises because that is when you will feel the true beauty of a port city.

If you happen to travel from Karachi to Gwadar via coaster then it’s going to be long and tiring. Plan to enjoy your time with some well-slected playlists.

During winter water is freezing cold so bear in mind if you decide to take a dip.

The hike is tiring to Princess of Hope and Koh-e-Batil so sleep well before that day. We do not discourage anyone putting in the effort to climb but after you do you will find that it was worth getting tired and scared of heights.

If you are alone then we suggest you join up with a tour operator where you may find travel buddies to cope with the journey.

 Last Words: Gwadar offers mesmerizing views, plenty of mountain climbing dares, sandy beaches, and the chance to bring a much-needed change to your couch potato lifestyle. New projects like the Gobbiz avenue and Naval Anchorage Gwadar, are some of the best investment opportunities to consider if you want to invest in Gwadar’s developing societies. Feel free to contact us here. We will get back to you and help you out with your investment.


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