Karachi to Gwadar Peace Rally

Karachi to Gwadar Peace Rally

After two decades of utmost chaos, law and order is now being restored in Pakistan and particularly in Balochistan. The recent Peace Rally is an outcome of the efforts and struggles of Pakistan’s Law enforcement agencies who have been constantly endeavoring for Peace. Adorned with Pakistan’s national flag and the tune of Dil Dil Pakistan buzzing in the background, Karachi to Gwadar Peace Rally kicks off in style on Friday Morning. As per details, 50 Bike riders and 50 Cars participated in promoting the message of peace across the country. 

The enthusiastic participants had covered a distance of 650 Kilometers. The remarkable energy of the rally was magnified by the warm welcome they received from the people of Hub. The thrumming of Pakistan Zindabad slogans endorsed the message of unity and peace among the nation. 

Karachi to Gwadar Peace Rally was a wonderful attempt to show the world, the picturesque beauty of Pakistan, its enthralling and mountainous beaches that would certainly mesmerize a beholder. 

Gwadar business club car Rally

 Gwadar port is located at around 600km from the strait of Hormuz. For being located at such an ideal location, Gwadar port has the potential to be an international trade hub for Pakistan. Banking on this idea, the Government of Pakistan has already invested in a development program worth $ 1.62 billion in 2015. The third main port can help Pakistan in reducing Pakistan’s vulnerability by bringing the port away from India and improve the trade since 975% of our trade is seaborne. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan has often declared his confidence on the Gwadar development project and affirmed the Government’s intent to utilize the Gwadar port’s potential in strengthening the economy of the country. Investors have been keeping an eye on the development of the area since the project will launch the Gwadar city into an incredible period of advancement. 

Gwadar Business club organized a Rally on 12 February to refine the public image of Gwadar. The rally’s objective was to make people aware of the strategic importance of Gwadar port and how the area is now the biggest potential target for trade and investment. The real estate business is surely thriving and in coming years the Gwadar city will be a notable place for offering jobs and business opportunities. 


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Monday 10 May 2021
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