Why Globbiz Avenue Is The Best Place To Invest In Gwadar

Why Globbiz Avenue Is The Best Place To Invest In Gwadar

GlobBiz Avenue is a mega project of Gwadar Builders & Associates, which is a fellow organization of GBA group. GlobBiz Avenue is a Gwadar's most premium housing project, ideally located adjacent to 'Central Business District' offers 125 sq.yd to 500 sq.yd residential and commercial plots. GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar (approved by GDA) is especially designed to meet the increasing residential and commercial property requirements in the port city of Gwadar.

GlobBiz Avenue, consisted on Three phases, phases I and II are on the seafront while phase IV is located on Balochistan Broadway. Apart from the Tourists Resorts on the beach area GlobBiz Avenue possesses a vast commercial area which consisted on high-rise commercial zone on Balochistan Broadway, Main Boulevard and Marine Drive, and low-rise commercial zone for Mini Markets, Sector Markets and Civic Centers etc. GlobBiz Avenue phase IV has the honour to possess the most sought-after and precious commercial area on 40 km. long Balochistan Broadway which is far more than the commercial area of many other societies on this road. Considering the central position of Phase IV on the Balochistan Broadway this will be the main hub of international trade of Gwadar and most lucrative place for the offices, showrooms and warehouses of national and multinational commercial and business concerns, corporations, banks, five star hotels and multinational food chains and mega grocery stores. While on its south border on the sea side GlobBiz Avenue also holds a large sea-breeze area just in the center of Main Boulevard and Marine Drive roads alongside the Master Plan of Gwadar City. Just in the heart of Master Plan GlobBiz Avenue occupies the most precious residential, commercial and recreational land stretching over three main roads of Gwadar City, naming Marine Drive, Padi Zer Boulevard and Balochistan Broadway on the Gwadar West Bay. Balochistan Broad way runs just in the middle of the city connecting Industrial Area with Residential Area, and owns very high commercial value. 

Gwadar Builders & Associates, a sister organization of GBA and builders of GlobBiz Avenue, consisted on a team of highly skilled professionals in fields of town planning, architecture, construction engineering and horticulture, working with close collaboration to achieve the state-of-the-art perfection in all the aspects of town planning. Gwadar Builders and Associates has consistently given a valiant effort to ensure that their customers should have a profitable return of their cash contributed. GlobBiz Avenue is a most modern residential, commercial and recreational project, which is not mere a society in the corner of Gwadar, but a Complete City which caters all the basic necessities of life like health, education, livelihood, sports and recreation in a very adequate manner and here you can enjoy the most modern lifestyle, in the presence of all the most modern facilities of life. GlobBiz Avenue has a network of beautifully paved, 40 to 300 feet wide roads, with inventively designed and kept green belts, footpaths, street lights, complete sewerage and drainage system, underground electricity, water supply, gas pipeline, phone cable, and unique desalination system. The significant importance has been given to Parks and Grounds to keep the environment clean and healthy, a sufficient amount of land has been allocated for this purpose. Grounds are assigned for Sport Complex, Foot Ball, Hockey, Tennis, Volley Ball, and Mini Golf Club. Besides all this land for Swimming Pools, Gymnasium for Indoor Games, GlobBiz Beach Club, Water Sports Club, Central Parks, Joy Land for kids and Sector Parks have already been provided. For the people who have the taste to eat Food Street and International Food Franchises are being planned. For Public Buildings a large area has been earmarked, which proves clearly that at GlobBiz Avenue public interest is always kept on priority. Out of these Public Buildings are Mosques and Day Care Centers, Marriage Halls, and Community clubs while some buildings and plots have been allocated for Grid Station, Desalination Plant, Police Station, Fire Brigade, Telephone Exchange, Water Supply, Sewerage Recycling, Gas Pumping Station, Complaint Centers, Youth Hostels, Women Hostels and other Community Services.

 GlobBiz Avenue occupies the central position in the Master Plan of Gwadar City, and holds a big share of the commercial land than any other Society in Gwadar. GlobBiz Avenue Phase IV has a large commercial area in the center of the 300 feet wide Balochistan Broadway that runs just in the middle of the City, similarly GlobBiz Avenue on its southern sea-front area apart from Tourists Beach Resort holds a portion of Marine Drive and Padi Zer Boulevard with their high-rise commercial area. Due to the central position GlobBiz Avenue these will be highly lucrative and sought after places for all the Giant National and Multinational Business and Commercial Organizations and Concerns, International Food Chains, Five Star Hotels, Rest Houses, Shopping Malls and Amusement Parks. These will be the areas of Gwadar City that will generate abundance of opportunities for all kind of business, commercial and recreational activities.

GlobBiz Avenue owing to its outstanding location in Gwadar City has all the potentials to grasp ever-changing new opportunities and openings that constantly developing cosmopolitan city Gwadar can offer to its citizens. Thus GlobBiz Avenue is just a right place in Gwadar for extra ordinary secure, profitable and risk free investment with high return. Always remember that it is only the location that makes any investment profitable.

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Monday 27 July 2020
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