Introducing fiber optics in Gwadar city

Gwadar, a deep-sea port is the future of trade and a hope for the betterment of Pakistan’s economy. PTCL took a step ahead in making Gwadar digitalized by installation of fiber optic cable. PTCL announced this news on 17th December, 2020. The Executive Vice President of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has informed the industrialist in a formal official meeting that new fiber optic cable with greater bandwidth has been laid in Gwadar to provide the better and fast internet connectivity. This movement will drive the attention of more investors and industrialists to Gwadar port.

Meeting at KATI on 17th December, 2020

Many industries and corporate projects are moving to Gwadar to get a chance to grow economically by trading with other countries. The news of setting up fiber optic cable in Gwadar is accelerating the socio-economic and technological growth at the port tremendously. The Vice President, Abdul Zahir Achakzai addressed media that he is taking all the measures to ameliorate internet connectivity in Gwadar. In a meeting at Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), the vise president of PTCL demonstrated the importance of internet connection and how it will facilitate the new industries and business activities at Gwadar port in future.

Digitalizing Gwadar city

In this era of technology and advancement, digitalizing Gwadar could open a door for tech industries and boost trade further through electronic commerce. There would be less limitations for the foreign companies to invest and initiate their remote business. Freight carrier companies have a great opportunity to shift their head offices in Gwadar city. Moreover, the fast internet connection will not only benefit the industries but it will ease out the process of check and balance on the government end also. Record keeping would be much unpretentious in case of import and export processes and dealings. 

Transfer of information and coverage would be much easier and companies would move their operations to Gwadar port without a second thought. Import and export will also get a boost as one would be able to communicate with other countries easily.

Boost in trade and online transactions 

Internet has become a necessity for businesses to operate well in the market and connect with others globally. This initiative of PTCL will promote business transactions and international trade in Gwadar. Fast internet connection is an imperative component in international economy and fiber optic cable will eradicate all the hinderance and disturbance in the way of communication during business activities and dealings. The use of electronic media and circulation of digital information will create value among organizations and ease out the process of international trade at Gwadar port. The documentation of trade will be more efficient, and records would be easily maintained for the sake of custom duty. 

Globalizing local businesses and products 

Through high-speed internet connection, companies can market their product internationally, receive online orders and after the payment, they can ship the actual product to the customers directly after receiving it from the Gwadar port. In this way, companies can reduce the storage cost on their end. The reduction in the storage cost will give a chance to local companies to invest more and expand their business. The electronic media and its associated technology have awarded an economical way to boost E-commerce activity of any business. The impact of the web on worldwide businesses is making it simpler for organizations to contribute in foreign business trade and universally market new products, letting organizations to offer international standardized items and products. 

Moreover, due to the installation of fiber optic cable, local companies will get a chance to globalize and export local products to foreign markets, this will enable us to get a recognition worldwide in terms of quality and standard we are capable to offer. Local and international companies will be able to operate globally and locally at the same time by the help of better internet connectivity and successful strategies. The use of fast internet at Gwadar port will enable the company’s stakeholders i.e., buyers and suppliers to communicate freely through websites to increase the business activity and online transactions. 

Transshipment hub port

Transshipment is the base of Gwadar trade. Gwadar city has a greater chance to become a competitive transshipment hub port with the emergence and availability of good internet connection to improve the performance and reduce the overlapping of shipping lines. The flow of traffic at the port will be smooth and we can avoid accidents through spontaneous and better share of information. 

A plan of a Modern city

Gwadar city is very crucial for Pakistan’s economy and plays a significant part in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The availability of fast web internet is the core element for the proper functioning of the businesses and as well as personal routine tasks. It is perceived from the government officials and sources that Gwadar will provide the residence and facilitate the citizen of other Asian countries and their businesses. Gwadar will become a city of high trade, greater paid jobs, luxury residence and islands, a great attraction for tourists. The Federal Secretary also mentioned the launch and inauguration of Pakistan’s largest international airport in the coming years. For all these development, Greater bandwidth fiber optic cable is the fundamental requirement for the dream of Gwadar city to come true. Gwadar will soon be a well-developed and highly modern city with great infrastructure.

As Gwadar city is getting revolutionized and would be able to provide high paid jobs to local and foreign citizen in future, people would surely move for the employment to Gwadar port along with their families.  Hence, there would be a dire need of better education system for their children. New international schools and universities have an opportunity to open their divisions in Gwadar city. We can only attract them if we have better internet infrastructure and facilities. In addition, government can also exempt taxes for academic institutions, this will improve the quality of education in Pakistan. 

Mr. Saleem-uz-Zaman who is the president of KATI, acknowledged the initiative taken by the PTCL president and said that it is a great step to a better future for the industrialization and the business activities in Pakistan.

PTCL is the Pakistan’s first telecommunication company, improving its services and spreading itself for the progress of Pakistan. Mr. Zubair Chhaya, the CEO of KITE, advised to build a mechanism in order to demolish any loss or damage to internet cable that could happen during the development and construction work. 

Gwadar port have a great potential to improve the future and economy of Pakistan. We appreciate Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited for taking this paramount step in the development of Gwadar city.


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Sunday 3 January 2021
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