Grand City Kharian Download Catalogue


Grand City Kharian is at the nucleus of nature; thus striking a rare balance between nature and progress. This exotic community is a unique dynamic housing and uplifting residential lifestyle, introduced for the very first time in Kharian. Grand City is a gated community whilest offering modern onsite amenities. The stylish and contemporary design housing development offers both premium and luxury living. All convince, needs and basic necessities of the today's lifestyle are available inside the housing society.


The vision of Grand City is to achieve the highest standards of the real estate world and bring real estate luxurious innovations into the lives of the people.


Grand City Kharian aims to provide the highest quality of service to successfully meet the goals & objectives of the common man and provide a living standard. Not just building homes, Grand City is a completely developed city which includes every necessity for a person on earth.

The pioneering action came after the realization that the old cities like Kharian, Gujrat, Lala Musa, Lahore etc have been discarded, sewerage, electricity problems are the common issues. Overseas Pakistani’s when coming to Pakistan fail to adjust in such a failing environment.

Grand City aspires to be Pakistan’s greatest builder with projects like Schools, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Cinema, Banks, Zoo etc, people will get a secure and a healthy environment.

Besides the overseas interest, Grand City is also a source of national interest. If the real estate industry grows the whole nation grows, revenue generation will undoubtedly increase the economy of the country. Another effective approach of Grand City is to provide investment opportunities for people. Since people have money but they have no business ideas. Grand City is committed to providing sustainable job opportunities for youth to build the future!