Gwadar to Witness New Developments

Gwadar has recently become the focal point of interest for the traders of the world. Located in the center of Asia, naturally gifted Gwadar had got all potential attributes which make it the most coveted spot for exporters and traders of the world. Gwadar’s seaport is going to become the most desirable seaport in the continent once it’s intact with modern technical facilities. These developments would ensure a hike in Pakistan’s economic growth. Because of all these factors, the government of Pakistan is committed to leave no stone unturned for making this area hugely compliant for international investors and exporters.

In the process of infiltrating Gwadar with all possible facilities, the government of Pakistan is to initiate the most awaited Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in Gwadar. Gwadar is destined to become global business hub and therefore this area is the foremost priority of the government for starting this most looked forward housing scheme. Construction of the residential buildings will add to the momentum of progress that is taking place in Gwadar. This initiative will not only ensure the success for the international traders and exporters but local investors will be benefited tremendously from these proceedings.

Prime minister Imran Khan has allotted a whooping amount of Rs 5 billion in this regard. On Wednesday, while launching the Federal Government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, PM told the media that in the first round of the scheme, 110,000 housing units will be built only in Gwadar for sheltering the less fortunate community of Gwadar while 25,000 units are to be built in Islamabad and 6,000 in Azad Kashmir. Along with inculcating the area with all possible progressive plans and strategies, government is reassuring the security of the area with the help of arm forces.

  • 2019-04-26
  • Cpec Info
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